1. The Company

The website is owned by VAST MAKE IKE (10GR Hotel and Wine Bar) and is fully compliant with the GDPR law through the webhotelier.

2. General Transaction Terms

The use of the website www.hotel10.gr and the services offered are governed by General Terms of Business applicable to all the offered services of the company, whether electronically or by telephone or directly at the hotel reception. By booking a room or other service offered by the 10GR Hotel and Wine Bar, each user accepts the General Terms and Conditions.


Room reservations are made by the company's applications, either directly from the webhotelier application installed on this website, by telephone via the hotel reception and by email. The order binds the user who makes it and is governed by the trading terms and cancellation policies.

4. Advances

The user has the possibility to advance the whole price of the part of this accommodation by depositing in our bank account.

5. Cancellation Policies

Cancellations up to 21 days prior to arrival are not charged. For cancellations or changes in less than 21 days and in case of non show the charge is 100% of the amount.

6. Payment methods

In order to pay for the reservation and accommodation, the user can use a credit card (visa, master card, amex) and cash.

7. Confirmation of Reservation

Once the booking is complete the user will receive the email in which he will declare his reservation confirmed! The responsibility for any mistakes in case that the reservation is made by the user, charges the user himself.

8. User Responsibility

The use of the site should be made by people over the age of 18. It is forbidden by the user of the site to reproduce content without the owner's approval

9. Modification - Renewal of Terms of Use

VAST MAKE IKE has the right to renew or modify these terms of use without notice

10. Privacy Policy